About our Product

TrakInvest is the world’s first virtual social equity trading platform where virtual trading meets social media via an easy to use desktop and mobile interface. TrakInvest works on a “learn-share-earn” model, where users earn real cash and industry internships by trading with virtual currency.

By enabling risk-free trading of more than 12,000 stocks, TrakInvest helps people around the world become more resilient investors. TrakInvest is a financial technology company headquartered in Singapore with offices in India and has built successful service partnerships with leading global firms including Siam Commercial Bank, Religare, Edelweiss and Karvy.

TrakInvest has also been the official virtual stock trading simulation partners for various top educational institution such as IIT, IIM, NIT, ISB and many more tier 1 & 2 universities. Check out our Global Stock Trading Competition with ISB here.

The TrakInvest process is simple: Learn, Share, and Earn.

Users can earn from their virtual trading in a number of ways:

  1. Learn

    TrakInvest provides you with contextualized information based on your searches. Every stock has an information page, that provides the company information, the stock’s historical price charts and a proprietary in-house developed stock rating score that is recommendation on whether to buy, hold or sell the stock.

    We also provide Global Online Trading Course (GOTC) which is a 3-month online practical course using the TrakInvest platform. We also have various features on the TrakInvest platform which will help the users to learn stocking in an interactive manner. Check out the features below:

    • TRAK – Users can follow the top traders to learn their trading strategies.
    • PIN – Get regular notification about the pinned stock.
    • Copy trade – Users can copy the trade of the person whom they follow(TRAK), this will help them to learn the top performer trading moves.
    • Sentiment Analysis – This TrakInvest tool is made up of the quantitative and qualitative data analysis of the stocks. This tool will suggest you whether to buy, sell or hold the stock you hold.
    • Key Metrics – It gives you the quick view about the day high, day low and trade volume of the stock.
    • Price Analytics Chart – This feature provides you with the stock price analysis chart of the entire year from which you can analysis the stock’s high and low.
    • Crypto AI Price Estimation Tool – Users can check out the price estimation of various cryptocurrency.
  2. Share

    With TrakInvest, you have a simple platform to communicate and share the trading activity with others, on a real-time basis. Users can choose to follow or “Trak” suggested top performers and opt to replicate all or part of their observed trading activity.

    TrakInvest is a peer-to-peer learning platform, where-in users can learn from other users just like them. This is important because there is no agenda when a top performer shares his/her trade ideas with the rest of the students on the platform. The performer has made profits and is a leader and hence is not sharing their research ideas in theory, but only after he/she has attained a good score on the platform. Users share ideas because they can learn from each other. No one person is perfect and no one person knows everything. If one user is good in the Indian Tech stocks, he/she follows the other user who may be good in the US tech stocks. This way, by sharing, users can learn from each other and help each other grow together.

  3. Earn

    Top performers get the benefit of attaining leaderboard status and earning when people follow them. TrakInvest holds regular competitions, where you have the ability to win cash and sponsored prizes, as well as internships and real-world job opportunities.

    Consistent performers who appear regularly on the TrakInvest leaderboard can access job opportunities or internships in the BFSI sector with our partner companies.

Why are we doing this

The founding team, led by Bobby Bhatia, a 20 year+ trading and private equity veteran, was obsessed about making it easier for retail investors and anyone without much spare cash (i.e. most of us) to profit from the markets. There had to be a better way than putting $1000+ to work on the hope of making 4-5% a year, versus the possibility losing it all if the market goes against you.

We also wanted to bring the concept of investment track records from the institutional level down to the retail level.

So we built www.trakinvest.com, a platform that allows anyone, regardless of how much money they have or what degree they have, to learn, share, and earn from their peers based on the quality of their ideas, evidenced by the returns they make in their virtual portfolios.

The people’s stock market playground

TrakInvest is a play-based journey of developing and exercising your stock trading skills in a fun, gamified, peer-to-peer environment. The platform lets you practice your hand at the stock market and showcase your trading ideas and skills in games with attractive prizes. The top 50% of players in every game will be eligible for prizes.

When you play the games, you are playing with other users and your peers, and anybody with the right skills can win.

Our games help you develop real world, practical skills in stock trading and analysis. Some of our contests offer internships with institutions, where you can leverage your skills in to a full time job.

Explore the markets, build your portfolio, and get into the weekly games/leagues. But most importantly, engage with other users.

Whether you have the skills or are willing to learn, you’ve come to the right place, and we’re about putting money in your pocket. Give TrakInvest a go

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