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TrakInvest is the world's first virtual social equity trading platform where virtual trading meets social media, with an easy to use interface. TrakInvest works on a learn-share-earn model, and you can even earn real cash and industry internships just by taking part. TrakInvest is based on 3 things:

How It Works

When you sign up with TrakInvest, you will:

Social Trading Anytime Anywhere

Trade, learn, and share anytime with the free TrakInvest App, available now on the Google Play Store.

  • Buy and sell stocks in your virtual portfolio
  • Follow leading traders
  • Trade in 6 global markets, wherever you are


  • TrakInvest can be seen as the lowest common denominator for social equality. It's akin to teaching a vegetable vendor on the streets of India who trades at an unskilled level every day to come at par with the best traders in the market, by augmenting his basic trading skills and awareness level with the investment education needed to make intelligent decisions.

    Mandeep Nalwa, ‎Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Taurus Wealth Advisors.
  • Through this partnership, technology, expertise and insights will come together to give people - experienced and new to the markets, a virtual avenue to explore and hone their trading skills which in turn will help them make informed and more thought through decisions when they trade in the real markets

    Basab Mitra, CEO, Capital Markets and Wealth Management, Religare India.
  • As an investor association, we believe that if you have to safeguard and champion the rights of the investors, you have to empower the investors through investor education and information.

    David Gerald, President & Founder of Securities Investor Association Singapore (SIAS)


Contact Us

For any support inquiries, feedback or questions, please contact us at support@trakinvest.com. We are always happy to hear from you.

If you are interested in a career at TrakInvest, please contact us with a resume at careers@trakinvest.com.

TrakInvest Pte. Ltd. Singapore

We are headquartered in Singapore and are
available globally

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